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  Straight Back - Straight Through Putters

There are only two ways for the putter to travel straight back and straight through:

1. The spinal axis of rotation must be horizontal.


2. You must manipulate the club face and club path during the stroke.

The first is uncomfortable and hard on your back while the second is unnatural, requires many moving parts, and is difficult to repeat consistently. The Putting Arc can cure the bad habits you have formed trying to make the putter go straight back and straight through.

The modern putting stroke of the successful touring pro is the inside-to-inside or arc type stroke. This is the stroke used by 95% of the successful touring pros, and taught by the top putting instructors in the country. However, 95% of the amateurs still try to putt straight back and straight through. With the Putting Arc, you too can learn to putt like the pros ACTUALLY putt.

In 5 years, the patented Putting Arc has been used without compensation by over 680 touring pros with over 400 professional wins worldwide.


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